HD 6970 driver issue.

Hi all,

Having trouble with my HD 6970 asus driect II cu 2gb... every time I boot up from the moment the windows splash screen comes up saying welcome, the screen is filled with lots of purple pixels, and lines all over the screen. I have not overclocked the card, and my monitor is working fine. I booted up in safe mode and everything runs completely fine, it also runs properly when I run the pc normally but uninstall the drivers. this is a completely new pc that I only bought yesterday.

Asus radeon 6970 direct II cu 2gb
xfx 750 black edition
g skill ripjaws x f3 12800cl7d 8gbxh ddr3
ga p67a ud7 b3 gigabyte motherboard
i7 2600k
seagate barracude 1tb

any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Sounds like it is a bad card, in safe mode and without the drivers you are not using the 3d capability of the card.
    (unless it something s..... like not hooking external power to the card)
  2. ahkay well i hooked up all the power... it has two 8 pin power plugs, I've got two PCIE 8 pin cords plugged in... may just be a bad card... interesting though how it doesnt stuff up on safe mode.
  3. It usually only shows up when in 3d mode.
  4. hmm ok so mayb im running my card in 3d mode? if so how do i turn it off... im running a 27" inch led asus monitor. not 3d
  5. Windows aero is 3d all games are 3d you will need 3d! It is not to be confused with visual 3d.
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