Hello, with a 6 core 2.8 gh CPU DDR3 is that a lot faster than a dual core 2.8 g

with a 6 core 2.8 gh CPU DDR3
is that a lot faster than a dual core 2.8 gh CPU using
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  1. How much faster depends on which dual core we are talking about here!
  2. Short answer is yes. Multi threaded applicaitons will take advangate of the 6 core and perform the work "faster", however a dual core with a higher clock speed can outperform the lower clock speed of a 6 core assuming the application can't use more than two threads.

    For example... In a non multi-threaded application a Phenom X2 overclocked to 3.5+GHz will outperform a stock Phenom X6 1075t at 3.0GHz. Using a multi-threaded application will tilt the other way and the X6 will shine. A balance between clock speed and cores is typically found in the X4 (overclocked of course).
  3. As rolli59 said, you need to list the 2 CPUs, An Intel 2 core COULD be faster and better PER PROCESS than the 6 core. But the 6 core will obviously has more threads running at once, just because it's a 6 core CPU.

    Note: I'm guessing you're buying the AMD Phenom II x6 1055T? In my opinion, just add 30 dollars for the 1100T Black edition
  4. Thanks for that 0aringdrag0n

    much appreciated Cheers
  5. the answer is actually yes and no.

    the 6 core is better at multithreaded application like video editing.

    the dual core (depending on the dual core) is bettet at single or dual threaded applications like gaming

    the intel core i3 2nd gen is better than a lot of the current AMD quad cores and even 6cores
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