My computer would freeze up & the drive was running non stop I was told to c

My computer started freezing up the minute it got to the Windows screen, its an HP Pavilion & it has never gave us any trouble. When it would freeze up the drive sounded like it was about to run out of the computer on its own. Immediately I thought it was the hard drive. So I asked someone if they knew anything about the situation. They told me it was most likely build up of dust in the computer, so I took it apart & sure enough it was caked on the fan. after I cleaned all the gunk off I put it back into the computer & rebooted. I got into a screen that said it was shutting down so that the CPU Unit didn't burn up fan not operating. It immediately shuts down, I removed everything again & made sure it was good & clean, my main fan wasn't turning on, so once I got both fans working I rebooted & the same screen, it is up for about a second & turns off. Both fans are running. The drive isn't making the loud noise it was, & both fans are running. Anyone have a suggestion. This computer has been the best we've ever owned, no problems until 2 days ago. Now no computer. Its our main desk top where we run the wireless network & the wireless printer. Its my husbands, all he ever does is check his email & uses i-tunes for his MP3 player.
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  1. See if the sata cable is plugged in correctly to your hard drive and motherboard. Also your hard drive may have died, so you may want to see if you can get that fixed. Sorry I am new to the forums, i would just like to see if i can help.
  2. The large metal lump in under the fan is called a heat sink, is this firmly fixed to the motherboard, it should be as-if it were a part of the motherboard, if there is any movement between them then the heat sink is not properly connected to the chip. The chip is shutting down to protect its-self.

    During the cleaning its possible that you could have dislogded the latching mechanism.
  3. Did you put fresh thermal paste between cpu and heatsink?
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