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Need advice to buy Graphic card

Hello all.Recently I have upgraded my pc with an Intel i5 2500k, 8Gb DDR3 and a asrock p67 extreme4.I kept my old Graphics card an ATI 4890 Formula Edition.My plan was to keep this card as it is powerfull enough for now cause I can play all my games on full graphics (World of Warcraft, Lotro, Dragon Age, Rift) and to buy a new one on autumn with the release of Star wars, guild wars 2 and Elder Scrolls v.I think that with the same money I can buy a better one after several months, I am not aiming for the top card.

Now I found a buyer for my old stuff but he also wants the graphic card too(or else he don't buy the others) so I need to buy now a graphic card.

So what you suggest me?to buy an equal one now with low badget and then on autumn sell it and buy a good one?
or buy now a good one that will allow me to play the future games in full details?

I play on a 22" Monitor with 1650x1080 resolution and I don't plan to buy bigger monitor or HD one in the near future..
I also can give around 200 - 250 euro/dollar at max (sadly the prices are same with euro in my country.. for example the cards that you say here on site that cost 250 dollars in my country cost 250 euro even if the euro is stronger than dollar)

My System Spec :

Asrock p67 extreme4
Intel core i5 2500k
Corsair 8Gb DDR3 1333MHz
Intel SSD 160Gb
Corsair enthusiast series V2 650 Watt

P.S. I think I have read somewhere that Graphics cards with more than 1Gb memory are for multiply monitors or for Resolutions bigger than 1650x1080 or else you see no difference between a 1GB card and one with higher, is that true?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Get a HD 6950 1GB.An alternative would be the GTX 560Ti.
  2. thanks for the reply :P

    do you believe that the HD 6950 1GB will have no problem to play the coming games in full details in 1650x1080?
  3. no, no any problems
  4. It all depends on what your budget is. Not sure what the 6950 1GB or 560Ti runs in your region. That is a good place to start thought. Other options would be get a 6950 2GB card and flash it to a 6970. Since the 69xx cards have a switch that allows you to switch between 2 separate BIOS you can always switch back to the original. Just a thought if you want to try your hand at that. There are tons of How To articles on doing this. The other options would be an actual 6970 or even a GTX570. The GTX570 is my favorite card right now. In the US it runs $350 and usually have a MIR. But it is all based on what you want to spend.

    My thought is, yes, sell your card with your system. Its usually a pain to get a buyer for old parts. So if you have to include your card to unload everything, do it. I would then suggest getting the card you intend on keeping. A new filler card now will not sell for that much later and you will end up losing money on it in the long run. A 6950 1gb or 560Ti will do well at your resolution. As for maxing out graphics, I am not sure. It will depend on the game. At the least it should get high details, but you will probably have to figure out what level or AA and AF you can run at with playable FPS.
  5. thanks jay2tall!The badget I can give is at max 250 euro, and this is already too much since I recently upgraded my pc and gave ~600 euro.In my region the cheapest I can get that I also trust 100% (I always buy from this shop, have low prices and excellent service) is :

    Sapphire 6950 1Gb 239 euro
    Sapphire 6950 2Gb 259 euro
    Sapphire 6970 2Gb 345 euro
    TwinTech GTX 570 350 euro

    so I guess the most I can do now is the 6950 2Gb, but 2Gb isn't a waste of money compared to 1Gb on a 1650x1080 monitor?Is it because the 1Gb version cannot be upgraded to 6970?
  6. 2GB IS a waste of money on 1680x1050, and it cannot be 'flashed' into 6970
  7. Just out of curiosity, what is a GTX 560Ti in your area?

    I would get a 6950 1GB if you do not intend to flash it. The 2Gb would be a waste. However, if you want to try to flash to 6970 it has to be the 6950 2GB model. Here is an article on how to do that.
  8. thanks all of you :P you really helped me a lot!I think I will get the 6950 2GB cause it is only 20 euro more expensive and has the ability to be upgraded :P
    thanks for the link to the guide too.. it seems pretty easy and most of all if it not succeed then you can switch back to old bios so I will try it for sure :P

    the 560Ti in my area (Greece) is from 245 euro (TwinTech) to 255 euro (MSI) :P
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    Between the 6950(1 or 2GB they are pretty much identical in performance) and the GTX560 its a toss up. I'd look at game performance in the titles you play most. However, if you are going to try your hand at the flash to 6970 the 6950 2Gb has the obvious benefit of that increased performance. I'd try it out since it has dual switchable bios. What do you have to lose right? The next step up would be the GTX570, but that's obviously a bit more pricy. You will be fine with pretty much any of these choices. Good luck.
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  11. thank you :P
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