WOL stops working if computer has been off for a while.

I have a MSI NF750-G55 motherboard and I am using the integrated network connection. I have wol enabled and it works fine to wake up the computer if it is asleep or recently shutdown. If the computer sits for a little while, the wol no longer works. I have a built in memory card reader which is plugged into one of the motherboards usb jumpers. this memory card reader has a red led on it which stays lit up even when the computer is off but after a while it too turns off. Is there a bios setting that can affect the motherboard from eventually powering down? Thanks for the help
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  1. Set your NIC to not go into power saving mode when not in use.
  2. Is that in the bios because I don't see nic or any other network power options

  3. I'm having this problem too except I have an asus p6t deluxe v2 motherboard.
  4. Even after my computer is sitting a long time, the lights on the network card continue to flash and the WOL still does not work.
  5. In Device Manager within Windows you'll have to look at your Network Card and uncheck the box to allow it to be turned off to save energy.

    Within your BIOS you'll want to make sure you have WOL enabled. You may have another setting in your BIOS that would also need to be configured. You can identify it by the name setting. It should also be in the same configuration page.
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