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If i were to make a 3d rendering farm, which cpu would be the best to go with? Sorry I am new to 3d farms, so i just wanted to know which cpu/cpu's would be the best to go with. Such as 10 pentium 4 dual cores vs a 2 xeon processors.
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  1. certainly wouldn't bother with anything less than current generations, P4 would not be a good idea. What software are you planning on using?
  2. 3D farms in the sense you are 3d modelling the place called 'farm', which belongs to a farmer?
    That would be quite dense modeling to render. You should go for Intel Xeon Processors, and nvidia Quadro FX series graphics card, according to your budget.
  3. I use cinema 4d.
  4. If Maxon has a forum that would be a great place to start.

    You are correct in thinking your individual nodes do not have to be that powerful, and old dual core boxes bought on the cheap, all racked up, are a good way to learn yer farming.
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