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I’m just finishing up my first build (a video editing workstation), I’ve been connecting cables, and I have a few odd bits left over, and a few questions. First, here is my build:

Asus P8P67 B3 Pro Motherboard
I7 2600K CPU
8Gb DDr3 1600 Ram
Nvidia Quadro 600 GPU
Apevia 500W
PSUAsus DVD/CD drive
Hitacho 500Gb Boot drive
WD 1.5 TB internal Drive
Cooler Master 430 Case

So I understand the extra “legacy” cables and connectors, but there seem to be two power cable sockets built into the mobo. One is a 24-pin marked EATXPOWER and I filled it with a 20-pin plug and a 4-pin plug. The other socket on the mobo is in the upper left corner marked EATX12V and is an 8-pin. I have two cables coming from the power supply, one has a 4-pin plug that will plug into the 8-pin socket, one has a 6-pin plug that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. Do I plug in the 4-pin and bundle the 6-pin with the rest of the unused cables?

I was expecting some kind of power feed to the GPU, but there doesn’t seem to be a socket. Or am I just not seeing it?

There were a couple of ribbon data cables in the Motherboard box that aren’t mentioned in the manual. One is about 2 ½” long with sockets on both ends, the other is about a foot long and 2” wide. What do I do with these? (I know, but don’t go there)

Thanks for your help and advice,
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  1. -the 24-pin is correct
    -the eatx 12V needs in your case the 4pin connector (you don't have an eight pin)
    DO NOT USE THE 6-PIN! its for your GPU.
    -your GPU doesn't need an extra power supply (most do, but not yours)

    the ribbon cables are probably floppy and IDE-cables, you prolly dont need those...
  2. the 6 pin is for the gpu, although you might need 2x6 or 6+8.

    The 8 on the motherboard is not the same as the 8 on the GPU.

    It is corect to fill the 24 with 20+4, the 20+4 is a for legacy reasons as older boards only needed 20.
    The 8 on the motherboard can be filled with the remaining 4, thats ok, 8 would be better but 4 is fine, you may experience issues with stability is you really push the machine (high cpu+gpu load), in which case you may need a better PSU.

    Any unused cables, bundle them away out of the main flow of air.

    I'm sorry about the next bit, but its better to get this out in the open.
    The build looks ok, are you going to Overclock if not then the K was a waste, possibly a detriment as there are some 'professional' features on the 2600 that are locked on the 2600K. The PSU may be not that great, PSU's are really eally important, the fact that you only mention 1 6 pin, and you don't have 4+4 for the mobo 8 pin makes me think its weaker than it should be at 500W. (my 600W has 4+4, 1x6 and 1x8 for the GPU althought with a fairly hungry rig it only pulls 300W ish when loaded). If you are video editing you may want to consider setting up a raid0 array or reasonably fast large drives as scratch space, you'll notice some improvement for not a lot of outlay. If you can send the psu back it might be a good idea for the future. Can you software use a quadro?

    I've just looked at that quadro card, its low end for a quadro, doesn't need extra power, makes the power supply look a lot less strained, you should be ok. But if you were planning on using the compute ability of the quadro you aren't going to get much out of it I imagine.
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    You plugged in the 24 pin right

    Your power supply doesn't have a 8pin for your motherboard, you can get an adapter like this

    Your GPU does not need a extra power cable because it draws max of 40w, the slot provides enough power so you don't need the 6 pin cable.

    The 2 1/2" cable is probably the SLI cable for linking 2 nvidia cards together - you don't need that. The other is probably a IDE cable.
  4. Thanks all! Very helpful. @13th Monkey - for the time being, I'm afraid I have to live with the PSU I settled for. High priority for the next upgrade round will be a better one and modular to cut down on all the redundant cabling blocking my airflow.
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