SUPERMICRO X9SRA Single Socket R compatibility and form factor


1) Is this motherboard truly ATX compatible meaning I can install it on any ATX chassis? If it is Supermicro specific then which chassis revision K from supermicro is ideal for this motherboard, I am a bit lost on supermicro website. I would really like to choose my own power supply if I have no chocie but choose a supermicro chassis.

2)Has anyone tested Supermicro motherboard with Kingston registered ECC (Kingston 32GB (4 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) ECC Registered Server Memory DR x4 w/TS Intel Model KVR1600D3D4R11SK4/32GI ) for compatibility issue? I like Kingston because they are simple, no fancy tricks and they are stable. It sounds like Supermicro never test their systems with Kingston modules but it does not mean I should avoid Kingston on a Supermicro like the black plague...

Thank you in advance,
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  1. Yes it is ATX.
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  3. Thank you Nikkor for your prompt answer. I understand this particular motherboard fits in any ATX chassis.

    Would you give a green go with Kingston modules?
  4. Aie aie aie, Supermicro do not have memory list for their own C602 motherboard chipset :/

    Might be because the motherboard just came out I suppose.

    Thanks a bunch for your help Nikkor
  5. Hello everyone,

    I just purchased a whole rig yesterday, some of which include the X9SRA and supermicro 4*16 gig ram modules MEM-DR316L-SL01-ER16.

    Now a note to Supermicro tech people, I hope they come here often.
    I wish I had purchased one of your case that encompass case+X9SRA+PSU. They are decent deals!
    Although I did not and it was not fault to try finding a solution through Supermicro. In effect, after sending an Email requesting all case+X9SRA+PSU available as well as if any side panel exists (clear side or close side but with 120mm mountable fan exists), the gentleman tech support responded promptly and with great accuracy. Unfortunately Supermicro do not sell side panel and/or high tower with 120mm mountable fan(s).
    I needed 1 or more 120mm mountable fan on the case to adapt a Thermaltake closed loop liquid cooling heatsink. I know I could have gone with a 80 to 120mm fan compatible but then I would not be so sure to mount my crossfire ATI V7900s' and/or a wireless TP-Link PCI card due to potential lack of space in the rear.
    Now another concern is that I am really new with Supermicro but they sound like really good boards excepted for comments on on the X9SRA whereas users specify the X9SRA with non standardized ATX mounting holes, though they fail stating what case they use.

    I bought a Raven RV03B and I cross my fingers the two comments are from little clowns making bad jokes or I'll have to go to the hardware store for a drill bit and flat head female screw(s) with the specifc length and width to adapt male motherboard repository screw(s).

    One in all, all this to say that there is a market for supermicro cases, no doubts about that, though remaining on 80mm fans all around with no possibility for choice of upgrade anyhow is somewhat a stubborn decision.

    So maybe a Supermicro case for my next purchase?
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