New gaming machine not performing well

I've just got a new PC, specs:

Intel i5, 2500K 3.3Ghz
Asus P8P67
Asus GTX570
8GB DDR3 ram
Seagate Barracuda 1T x2
Win7 Pro, 64Bit

The system is for games mainly, but I'm not quite satisfied with it. I have already installed 2 games ( Arma2, Prototype) and they are both stuttering, not smooth. It feels like a bottleneck somewhere. I've tried lowering the settings but there's only a small improvement. I was more than sure that with my new cpu+vga I could play any game at high settings without a glitch.

There must be a problem somewhere.

My GTX570 is at:

742Mhz - Memory 3800Mhz - Vcore 0.976v - processor 1484 Mhz

I've run PCMark7 basic and got a score of 3377;jsessio...n4t4XaSzVMtqjw

3DMark11 basic gave me a low score of P4932.

From their site it says that it is low for my hardware, I ran their health check and this is the result:

From my windows WEI this is what i get:

Processor 7.5
Memory 7.6
Graphic 7.7
Games 7.7 (I heard that this should be higher)
H.D 5.9

As stated before my cpu runs at 3.3Ghz but when I run CPU-Z it gives me this:
Core 1605.2Mhz
Multiplier x16.0
Bus 100.3Mhz

For all 4 cores. It seems that the pc is keeping the cpu low, but when I fire up a game I saw the numbers going up to 3600Mhz.
Do you think this could be relevant? How do i stop it from doing that anyway?

My memory is 2 sticks of 4G each, installed in slots 2 - 4 (I don't know why not in 1 - 3).

As far as bios and chipset, I don't know if the drivers are new and don't really like the idea of playing around with those

Video Drivers
I want to update them but not sure which ones. The seem to be the latest approved drivers, but some people have had problems with them. What about the 275.33 (by the way, why do they look so different in numbers?) they are very new, less than a month ago maybe they are still the beta version??

I turned V-sync off and changed nvidia power settings and had some improvement in performance. I did the 3dmark11 test again and got a score of P5050, which still seems to be too low for my hardware. It seems that I'm about 600/700 point too short. But the point is that it's not just a question of numbers, I can feel the pc not performing well while playing, it should go through games like a killing machine but it doesn't. It seems that I have the right hardware but it's not working as it should, on the net I saw the gtx570 sometimes have technical issues, is it true?

The only thing to do is change video drivers, and maybe if necessary change bios and mobo drivers too. Beyond that I am at a loss as to what I can do. I have little faith in fixing the problem only by changing drivers, maybe it'll give me some more points, but not 700!!. Unless they are magic drivers.

I believe there something else wrong with the computer, just don't know what.

One last thing, I run my games at a 1280x768 resolution (I have a 17" monitor)
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  1. At that resolution you will have a hard time putting a load on the CPU or the GPU maybe they are throttling down. CPU-z is reporting throttled down since it looks like you have speed step enabled.
  2. 1) update your video card drivers

    2) go into the bios and disable intel speed step (probably just called speed step)
  3. Who built your computer? Go to Asus's site and download the latest drivers for your motherboard. These are chipset, sound, and ethernet drivers. It will not hurt anything for you to install them, even if they are already installed.
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