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I've got a Coolermaster Real Power M850 PSU. The PSU itself is ok, worked really well for a few years and didn't cause any problems, but recently its fan started producing noticeable whirring noise. The fan is Young Lin DFS132512H (135x135x25mm temperature-controlled.

The PSU is no longer under warranty. I believe the fan needs to be replaced, but I couldn't find this specific DFS132512H model in local shops or on eBay. It seems that Coolermaster Europe isn't going to respond to my request or they will take forever, so I decided to ask here:

Does anyone know where I could get a replacement fan, preferably the same YLTC DFS132512H model or compatible? Has anyone had any success replacing a fan in Coolermaster M850 PSU?

I will appreciate any advice. Thanks! :)
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