Computer Problems! No Display, No USB power, read for more!

Hello guys! I've built this computer up, and worked when I booted up, but has gotten problems. My PC got this problem when one day, I switched my ram around, and then my display had no signal, as well as my mouse and keyboard weren't getting any power. I figured this out as my mouse doesn't light up when I plug it in to that specific computer, but works on others. I've had this problem once before, and the guy I took it to fixed because he said there was a loose stick of RAM. Also, there are no Motherboard beeps, and my PC doesn't turn off immediately with the power button.

Specs are listed here:
GTX 560
AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE
MSI 770-G45 Mobo
Cention 8GB Ram
Seagate 500GB HDD
CoolerMaster 700w PSU
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  1. You may not be seating your memory sticks correctly. Open the latches on the sockets all the way. Insert the RAM sticks and press down on the ends. The latches should snap into the notches on the RAM sticks. If they aren't fully into the notches, the sticks aren't seated correctly.

    When you press the power button to shut down your system, you have to hold it for 5 seconds or so before the system will power down. That's the normal way it works. But why would you want to shut down your system that way?
  2. I'll be checking the Ram right now, but I was a little confused at first cause my other PC shuts down at a touch. lol, thanks, keep posting if you have any other ideas guys!
  3. If pressing down on the ends of the sticks doesn't automatically snap the latches into the notches, it's OK to 'help' them into the notches. The main thing is that the latches are in the notches. That indicates the sticks are seated deeply enough to make good electrical connection with the slot contacts.
  4. Okay, I looked in the case and the parts of ends stick out
  5. I hope you meant to say they are sticking fully in the notches.

    Check for any wires you could have accidently pulled loose.
  6. So far, I don't think I see any wires. I secured the RAM, no difference, any other Ideas?
  7. Are your mouse and keyboard both USB? If so, Plugged into the back ports or the front ports?
  8. Backports
  9. Goldenarc said:

    Those are, obviously, directly off the board. That makes me think you have a bad motherboard. Before all else, try resetting the BIOS to default*. See if the USB ports become active. Check in BIOS to see if they are 'enabled'. They should be at default.

    * if you have no (USB) keyboard at bootup, this will be impossible to do. Do you have an old PS3 keyboard available to use instead of USB?
  10. How i do that? Monkey confuse
  11. How to i reset the bios with no display?
  12. Goldenarc said:
    How to i reset the bios with no display?

    If you turn off the power and remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard, you can use the CLR CMOS jumper on the board to short the pins for a few seconds. Replace the jumper back on its original pins, replace the battery, and power back up. This will leave the board's BIOS in factory new state. The instructions are in your board's manual if you need it. But it's pretty simple to do.

    Are you using on-board display or a discrete card?
  13. discrete card, No onboard video
  14. I had this same problem, took out the R.A.M. blew into the socket and on the stick, plugged it back in, now my PC is on but it's saying "repairing disk errors"
    Anyone know what happened and how I can prevent it?
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