Trying to install mobo driver... no luck

So I have the ASrock Extreme3 and i put in the disc for it and could not install it.

I put it in while in windows and a window pops up for it, i click run, it reboots and comes up with a black screen saying generate serial ATA driver Diskette? [Y/N]
I hit Y thinking it would install... it says no supported drive found: Floppy 1.44MB and USB drive! Reboot system now Press any key to continue...

even if i click n it still says reboot now
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  1. Try answering no instead of yes. You should go to the screen showing the options to load drivers and /or utilities.
    What is the title on the disk you are using?
  2. when i click no it still says reboot now. It says Intel-Intel series DVD: User manual Drivers Utilities.

    I already had the option of what drivers and utilities I wanted as soon as i put it in. I clicked all.
  3. Oh. Weren't your motherboard drivers installed at that time?
  4. No. It acted like it was going to but didnt. a box came up asking if i would allow it to make changes to my computer. I clicked yes. The driver and utility window for Asrock pops up asking to select items on the right side. i click install all. it shuts down then reboots asking for diskette thing
  5. OK. Go to the 'downloads' section and find the link for your operating system. Make sure you get the right operating system. You will be presented with all the drivers and utilities that came with your DVD. (Except they may be more up to date) You can download the ones you need from there. The motherboard driver will be the INF Driver.

    You don't need or really want to download all those drivers and utilities. Just get the ones you need. Like the LAN driver if you don't already have internet access with the machine. In fact, once you get internet access working on the new system, Windows Update will automatically download the needed drivers for your system if you prefer to do it that way.
  6. thanks so much. worked perfectly.
  7. Wait how do I get Windows Update to download them all for me? And will it do all of my devices like sound card, graphics card and mobo? because i did the update and it said it installed 55 new updates, but I went into My Computer and there isnt anything about my mobo except the LAN driver I installed manually
  8. Is this the first update with a new install? If so, give it time. Windows needs to install updates in a particular order before it can install certain others. Also, if this is not a new install and you've had other installs previously, Windows may have already installed them. Go to Device Manager and see if there are any yellow asterisk marks showing.

    Of course, you can always download the necessary drivers from the link I sent you to. That's what I usually do. The only driver I use off the DVD is the LAN driver in case Windows doesn't recognize the Ethernet controller right away. The Realtek audio driver is there. I would go to your graphic card's web site for the most up to date video driver, however. But the one at Asrock should be fairly recent if you want to use it.
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