Is Building A Gaming Computer Hard?

Is building a gaming computer hard? I have been saying to myself that I would never do such a thing, and that I would just ruin everything. I was at cyberpower and ibuypower and the prices are beyond reasonable, and I am worried about buying from them in the first place.
So, I have figured, if I want a good gaming rig with my budget of $1100, it would be best to learn how to build it myself.
It would be cool if I knew someone or there was an electronic store that you could bring everything and they would build it for you, but that is probably just a dream.
If there is a store like that, please do name one!
Besides, that I will need to learn step by step. Is it really that hard guys?
And is there special guides that I could read and watch (youtube) that would help me learn? If you know some good guides please do name them.
Thanks guys.
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  1. Don't worry! It's not that difficult. if you wish to learn, there are many books that will teach you about hardware, and if not, ask around. I'm sure someone in your area knows, and will be more than willing to help. I built my first gaming build alone in a little under 2 hours. And i'm only 15. So if you really want to know, then just try. But dont ever guess on anything, you could make a huge mistake. Are you having any trouble deciding on parts? If you are, and want help, message me.

    Also, you save loads of money making it yourself.
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