How important are MOBO's for gaming?

I was watching a YouTube video on BF3 & buddy said he upgraded is MOBO & he noticed a FPS Boost, or that it was really smooth now. I didn't think Motherboards had anything to do with FPS, just weather or not you get one that can SLI or CF & OC.

I was originally going for a $90 h77 MOBO, but I decided to buy only the MOBO this pay & CPU, GPU next because my Ipod recently broke & I need a new one :( So other than the futures the MOBO gives you, does it matter if I go for a $90 rather than a, lets say $140-$150 MOBO? Since I'm only buying one part I am willing to spend at least $150 on a Z77 chipset MOBO "IF" it's going to help me.
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  1. It is not very important until you want to overclock or run multiple GPU's. With everything at stock and the same other hardware you would get the same performance from a H77 and Z77 boards.
  2. It will only boost if you overclock or run multiple GPU like what rolli59 said. If you buy a more expensive board ($150+), then you are given more features and abilities to let you overclock higher and support multiple graphics cards. Also gives you more expandibility in future. If in future, you DO NOT plan to overclock or add more graphics card then there is NO POINTS getting a more expensive motherboard ($150+).
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