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Hi all,

Let me start by saying how amazing this website is. I constantly refer to this website for anything from personal problems to curious investigation; the community is so alive and informative I appreciate any help or advice on this post.( MY first one ever!!)

So here it is: I am currently finishing up school and am looking to create my own personal computer for home use. The main use of this computer will be gaming and software development. Nothing to extravagant when it comes to the software development a little OpenGL, java, c++ and the such but as for gaming I am looking to build a machine that will pack a huge graphic punch and will run even the most graphically intense games at high framerate. Price isnt too much of an issue so I am looking more towards parts whose life will be extensive. Basically I have chosen the processor and chasis for my build but need help/advice on what to get on other certain parts:

List is in no essential order.

Processor: I decided on the I7 2600k I have read a lot on forums saying there is almost no performance difference between 2500k and 2600k. But I plan to OC the crap out of whatever processor I get. The $100 difference isnt a huge ordeal so I would rather get the more expensive processor if it will last a little bit longer? Is there a more powerful processor which can be OC for under $500

MOBO: This is my first hurdle, I know i need a mother board with the 1155 socket. I am also looking for one that will support dual video graphics cards using Crossfire or SLI technology. I am looking to have dual displays and maybe even triple display in the future. ( any recommendations on a chasis that will hold a motherboard are welcome too)

Graphics Card: This is one of the most important aspects of my build and welcome any advice. I am looking to get a single video card with my new build but eventually upgrade it to a dual graphics card system. So basically id like a card that will pack a punch on its own but that will have dual graphics card support( crossfire, SLI,...)

Memory: 8gb Ram to start but upgradeable to maybe 32gb max(dependant on motherboard). Ive heard certain ram is dependant on motherboard? so thats up in the air as well

HardDrive: 1 TB Sata drive

Power Supply: Again cant really figure this one out until I know the watt usage of the system but I was wondering is it bad for your system if I were to get a power supply more powerful than my system. I.E. system uses 100 watts and I get a power supply for 200 watts ( just an example!!) would adifference like this cause damage. Just wondering because I dont mind the extra cash for a power supply that can last and power future upgrades.

FInally, Ill most likely be buying a liquid coolant heat sink compatible with my sandy bridge processor
so I can OC the **** out of it. I know there are a lot of questions here and I dont expect any single person to answer all of them so any information whether large or tiny is greatly appreciated. Hope this post isnt too long for people to read, I have just been doing so much research and am so excited to start on my new PC I feel like a little kid in a candy store. Thanks Everyone!!
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  1. Hi! Welcome to this site and I hope we can help you anyway possible. First of all:

    Motherboard: Something good but not overkill (such as a $300 MoBo), If you want something on the cheaper side: ASRock P67 Extreme4 (B3)

    Graphics card: As of now, the AMD HD Radeon 6950 is great for gaming, and the MoBo is crossfire compatible (you can add 2 graphics cards)

    RAM: the MoBo that I choose supports 32GB of RAM MAX, Remember to choose DDR3 Ram, that has clock speeds of: 1066/1333/1600/1866/2133 (Last two requires OCing the MoBo

    Hard Drive: Remember to get a 6GB/s transfer rate HDD because then you'll get the most out of your system I recommend: Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB

    Power: A 850W should be enough for you, the More will NOT damage the system. Remember to get a Power supply that has good reviews and from a good manufacturer

    Cooling: As of now, go with the stock heatsink and fan and once you're finished building an know your system works perfectly, then go with a liquid cooled system

    Case: If you want something cheap, the NZXT GAMMA Classic Series GAMA-001BK will do the job (Has the ability to add 5 additional case fans), If you want something more expensive, you can go with the Antec 900
  2. I will help you first with the GPU, and with RAM. Anything else you can ask afterwards, and ill do my best to help.

    As for the GPU, if you want a very powerful one that will run new games with no problem, if you have the money go for Nvidia Geforce GTX 580, but its in excess of $500. If you don't have that much, the GTX 570 is $300+, and the GTX 560 is $180+. They are all extremely powerful cards, and even the lowest, the 560 will do whatever you want it to (for now). Others may tell you to get a Radeon graphics card (from a different brand), but i believe in Nvidia as the best, but your preference is yours.

    As for RAM, yes, it is dependent on the motherboard, i would suggest getting a motherboard that supports DDR3 RAM, the best so far. Also, you're way overshooting RAM. 8 isn't too bad, but to be honest, i do alot of the same things as you (multiple programming and markup, video recording and editing software, audio recording, and new games all at the same time.) And i only needed about 6-8 or so gigs for that. So, for you, you would be great with 6-8gb of RAM. Any more can truly decrease performance in some situations, and also your motherboard may not support more, and your OS will matter as well for RAM limits.

    Also, for what your doing, a SSD for your OS and games will increase speeds many times over!

    Anything else?
  3. As for everything else, r0aringdrag0n here has the right idea, and that's a great way to go.
  4. i agree with roardargon on all points except for two (and ill specify some more).

    Case: cooler master had series should be what you buy, the 922/932/X are all amazing cases and will be your best bet

    Video Card: get one of these three cards, the Nvidia GTX 560 Ti / GTX 570 // AMD Radeon HD 6950 2GB

    PSU: Corsair makes the best power supplies right now. any of their 850W or better power supplies (preferably 80+ Gold) will be perfect for your system

    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1333MHz CAS 7 (either the 4GB or 8GB kits) are amazing and perfect so sandy bridge

    Cooling: two options (none of which are stock cooling) get the Corsair H100 or H80 (both prebuilt water cooling) or the Noctua NH-D14 (best air cooling on the market now)

    Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 (pro or deluxe are good if you want to spend a little more for better features)

    Storage: OCZ Vertex 3 SSD if you want the best of the best, or a Seagate or Western Digital SATA 3 6GB/s Hard drive (size is totally up to you and what you want to do with it)
    ^ A comparison of 2 graphics cards (one is nvidia, one is AMD). As you see, Most times the Nvidia beats the AMD
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