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EVGA GTX 470 vrs Ati Firepro 7800

sup all.

So ya. My boy is giving me a CRAZY deal. Hes gonna sell me his Firepro (below)

for a cheap amount and im wanting to pick it up. hes gonna give it to me for 450.
i currently have a GTX470 in my system but my board is a Asus Crosshair formula and supports Ati cards not nvidia to double up on cards.

so...and PLUS, my system is pretty beast and although my GTX 470, im happy with, but if i take what theyre both worth...then the firepro 780 is worth almost double to tripple the 470? not sure if that 100% means better performance for what it is im going to be using it for.

i dont know how to properly compare since this is my first time getting such an expensive card.
so in your guys pro advice, would YOU trade in your GTX 470 for a Firepro7800??

as far as what i do with my system, i do mainly graphic work (web design)
and gaming. FF14 / crysis 2/ dragonage 2/ etc......

thanks in advanced gentlemen and ladies.

let me know.
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    These two cards are in totally different categories. The firepro is a professional series card with extensive graphical support for supported applications. Traditionally these cards do not perform very well in gaming scenarios. Unless you know your design application take advantage of this cards capabilities I would not replace your card. They are usually good for 3d rendering and things like that. I am not experience in these types of cards, but from my knowledge I know they have a specific purpose.
  2. yeahhhhh getting that card is an absolutely terrible idea if you plan on gaming... at all.... if you're a gamer i would never in a million years make that trade.
  3. If you're trading your 470 for the firepro straight-up, its a nice deal, sell it on ebay and you should have enough money to get a pair of gooey 6950 goodness.

    For 450, its bad. the 7800 is a 5850 with a slim cooler and professional drivers, which is a decent chunk less performance even with a flashed BIOS and catalyst drivers.
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