New pc, need help with parts etc.

As the headline says, i am in a dire need of a new gaming pc. (so many new games i have not played yet)
And my knowledge of newer hardware is.... moderate at best. Last time i build my own pc was 7 years ago,
So i am as outdated as my old pc. :pfff:

The things i need help with:

-That every component actually fit/work well together

-Hardware of same quality/performance and cheaper (or better and slightly more expensive)

-Choosing power-supply and cpu cooler

-Other missing components

This is the components i have found so far to be interesting:

Core i7 2600k $314.99

ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe LGA $254.99

G.SKILL Sniper 8GB (2 x 4GB) $69.99


ASUS Black 18X DVD-ROM $16.99

Wintec N1 Series 33121323 2.5" 128GB $179.99

SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6950 $274.99

= 1266 $

Also, I am having some problems deciding on a graphic card, And if i should choose a ssd-HD 64 or 128 gb.
Im thinking of price versus performance.
Any help would greatly be appriciated. :hello:
P.s. I live in sweden atm. so some parts might be unavailable.

Sincerely Thomas.
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  1. yeah all of the items above look alright and compatible. DON'T FORGET THE POWER SUPPLY!

    Also, for graphics cards, you could go with what you have, or the next upgrade, the 6970. Or, a Geforce GTX 560/570. They all offer about the same range of performance.
  2. Wouldnt it be silly to spend almost the double on the 6970, when this card don´t perform that much better.

    But the EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD 1280MB PhysX, that might be a good choice, noticeably better than the one i picked and 15-20% more expensive.

    What im really asking is, will this setup work well in games like resident evil5/crysis etc.
    (Games that wont work on any system)

    And about the power supply, as i remember, not all power-supplies have the correct cables for graphic-cards, motherboards etc. This might be something i picked up at LIE-mart :P

    And the last thing ive been thinking about, is the cpu-cooling-fan. i have read a few reviews, but cant seem to make up my mind.. so many fancy ones, but i know i shouldnt go for the UUUH SHIIIINY :non:

  3. For gaming the i7-2600K is overkill the i5-2500K is the CPU of Choice.,2951.html

    For a PSU you need to know if you will SLI/CF or just stay with a single GPU
    single GPU = ~600-650w if you are going CF/SLI then 750-850W. stay with name brands like Seasonic, Corsair, Silverstone, Antec and even the XFX Core series (OEM is Seasonic)

    GPU is a good one.

    That Motherboard is way over kill for basic gaming the Z68 chipset is highend and offers no extra FPS for gaming. save youself some money and get a P67 chipset MB or at least a Value oriented z68 MB.,2939-12.html
    Suggested MB:

    For SSD, if you plan to game on it get the biggest you can. check the reviews. That wintec N1 is bad news stay away from it!
    SAMSUNG 470 Series MZ-5PA128
    Crucial M4 CT128M4SSD2CCA
    read about SSD's:,2942.html
  4. Assuming you will be gaming and have a budget of $1400 or less, here's a built with OS :

    CPU & GPU : $555- i5-2500K & Asus GTX570 DCII (Great processor and great video card)
    You don't need an i7-2600K for gaming. Hyperthreading of i7 is of no use in gaming . Here's a review

    Motherboard : $140- Gigabyte GA-Z68X (Capable motherboard with SSD caching support )

    SSD: $230- OCZ Agility 3 120GB (Better SSD than Wintec.Here's a review)

    Power Supply : $135- Corsair Enthusiast TX850 (Ample power to support dual 570 )

    Case : $100- Cooler Master HAF 922 (Stripped down version of 932 but good)

    HDD: $60 - Seagate Barracuda 1TB or Samsung Spinpoint 1TB

    RAM: $65- Patriot Signature (2X 4GB) (Cheap)

    Optical Drive : $20- Asus

    OS : $95- Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (64bit)

    Total (Excluding Rebates): $1385

    Rebates : $50

    If you don't want GTX570 a similarly priced card will be like Sapphire Radeon 6970
    If you have an OS, no need to get one drop it and save $95.
  5. Thank you for the thorough replies, much appreciated :)

    You tell me the i7 cpu and the motherboard i chose was overkill, but wouldnt it also prepare me for the "future"?

    Again thanks for all the parts recommendation
  6. Me again, these are the components ive decided on, any objections :) ???

    And sorry about the swedish links, these are the sites im going to buy them from.

    I will be going for the I7 2600k, but im not sure about the motherboard.
    So, will this motherboard ensure me being up to date in the nearest future, or wont it mean a dang diddly squad?
  7. newcontrole said:
    Me again, these are the components ive decided on, any objections :) ???
    And sorry about the swedish links, these are the sites im going to buy them from.

    The Antec's CP series Power Supply is exclusively designed for Antec's 1200/P183/P193. May not fit your CASE!
    Any of these will work though:

    I would also go with this MB:
    Z68 MB review on Tom's,2939.html

    I'm not sure the RAM you picked out is compatible. The website says its SO-DIMM and at 1.25v not DIMM at 1.5v Might be a misprint though, the Pic looks like DIMM modules.

    regardless I would get these instead and save yourself some $:
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