Intermittent connectivity issues verizon - westell 7500 router

I recently upgraded to 7 mb/s internet after 1 year of 1 mb/s internet (problem free). The day the upgrade went through, I've been suffering from intermittent connectivity issues. Basically, the 'internet' light on the router goes off. Sometimes the internet is up for 5 minutes, sometimes it's up for 3 hours, but it keeps going down. The only way to get it back up is to reset the modem. This is getting very annoying since most of the activities I use the internet for require a constant connection (gaming, netflix). Verizon is giving me the run-around, and I was wondering if there is any router settings I can check to help diagnose the problem. I am a complete rookie with networking. It seems like something changed with my settings after the upgrade went through to cause this. The router is a Westell 7500. Thanks in advance for any help!
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