Motherboards that support pentium D 820

hi, Recently my motherboard got burnt due to overheat. I've a pentium D 820 processor. I've read the forums but i din find many useful. I've got many questions here they are.
1. Pls get me the list of motherboards with dds3 that will support my processor (pls get me the cheapest cause budgets a problem.).
2. I found a few motherboards with ddr3 that support pentium E (which are similar to pentium D with same FSB , slots n speed) and why don't they support pentium D?
3. If there are motherboards that support ddr3 and pentium D 820 pls get me those also. And what sort of problems will I 've to face if i use pentium D and motherboard that support similar pentium E processors?
4. Suggest me a good cooling fan for the processor .

I'm sorry i'm greedy but pls post some links it'll be a gr8 help.Thank you in advance.:)
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  1. i'm sorry the 1st question was supposed to be like
    "pls get me the lists of motherboards that support ddr2 and my processor"
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