Is the Radeon 4350 better than the Geforce4 or 6?

Got the Radeon 4350 and had some problems with it. Stuck in my Geforce4 MX 4000 and it seemed like my system ran smoother. Was wondering if the 4350 is suppose to be better hardware wise. In AGP, older comp. See no reason to get a PCI card they are slower than AGP. Is there any reason to get a PCI card if you have a AGP slot?
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  1. It is so much better There is not enough space on the page to explain it.
  2. AGP is better than PCI. If you are truly stuck with AGP I think you can get a 4670. I know you can get 4650s.
  3. You can get an AGP HD 4650:
    There's also an AGP HD 4670, but it might be out of your budget.
  4. PCI was before AGP, then there was AGP 4x then AGP 8x. If you use a AGP 8x card in a AGP 4x slot it's going to only run at half the bandwidth.

    PCI and AGP are older and MUCH slower than PCI-E.

    Newer computers (after 2005, lol) use PCI-E, not AGP or PCI.

    So the answer to your question is no. If you have an AGP slot, there is no point in getting a PCI card.
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