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Hello, I have a m17x r2 laptop. I was playing games one day and i noticed that the upper left hand corner buy the key bored was extremely hot. so i download gpu-z and had it make a log and i when back to gaming. I play for a while and when i was done and reviewed the log the cards hit 120c! I have the laptop lifted on a custom stand I made that does not block any inlets and keeps it 7 inches of the surface. I think these temps will kill my laptop. Is this normal? Should I get it looked at?

My system specs are-

Intel Core i7-820QM
2x 4096 MBytes DDR3 SDRAM at 666.7 MHz (PC3-10600)
2x WD500GB 7200RPM raid 0
Alienware Motherboard-Chipset Intel PM55 (IbexPeak-M)
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  1. I would get it checked out. Perhaps one of the fans failed or maybe you have too much dust.

    One review stated the highest temp measured anywhere on the laptop was 101C while playing games for a while. 120C is definitely too hot.
  2. I just checked the fans all 3 are running just shy of 5000rpm. It sounds like a hairdryer. I will get it looked that. Thanks for the help!
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