[New Build] Won't Start :-(

Hi all, I've been reading Tom's for a while to plan the PC I'd like to build for my mom's birthday. I bought all the components on Newegg, you can see the build items below:

Raidmax Helios ATX-819WB R case
Raidmax PSU Hybrid2 RX-630SS 630W power supply
Intel i5 3.3G chip
MB Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3-B3 mobo
Corsair 2Gx2 CMZ4GX3M2A1600C8 R memory
VGA Sapphire HD5570 vid card
Crucial SSD 64G (M4 series) drive
Seagate 1TB harddrive
Lite-ON DVD drive
and I plan on going Windows 7

I've built my own computer once before (7 years ago) with the help of an experienced builder and this time I've flying solo. I plugged everything in and....nada, no lights, no fans, nothing on the screen, not even a beep to be heard. I tried the simple solutions in the 'read this before you post about a build that won't start' and I'm at a loss.

Any suggestions for why I can't get the thing to turn on?
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  1. The powersupply might be defective, if there are no lights that turn on indicating the PSU is on, that is probably the problem. Try another PSU from your old computer
  2. ugh haha...that would be a pain. What are the odds that a brand new power supply is broken?
  3. a very good chance considering it's not 80+ certified
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    Before we narrow it down to the PSU (which it very well could be) let's try again. Take everything apart, and put it back together with only the ram, CPU, (with heatsink of course) and PSU. You should be able to get it into BIOS that way. Check all of the connections, refer to the manual.

    The other possibility is that it's just a bad power button connector. Try jumping the PWR pins with a screwdriver.

    This should give us a bit more info.
  5. don't forget the video card!
  6. Progress! I disconnected the hard drives from the mobo and power, disconnected the fans from the power. It powered on, I got a 'disk boot failure insert disk or press enter' screen. What should I do next?
  7. also didn't remove the vid card...that wouldn't ruin it would it? Just would have eliminated it as possible problem right?
  8. No, he meant add it in. I was thinking Z68, which is onboard. What you now need to do is connect DVD drives and hard drives. See if it boots up then.
  9. the Video card is the thing making the words pop up considering your MoBo doesnt have onboard video.
  10. Ok! Turns on still after I plugged the hard drives and dvd drive into power and mobo. Next?
  11. Install the OS! It was probably a simple error in wiring.
  12. ok so I can go ahead and power the case fans? The thing I was most unsure about all along was connecting fans by molex and how they connected to the mobo. There's three places on my mobo for fans, all the molex have 4 pins and 2 of the three places on my mobo only offer 3 pins. To make matters worse, the mobo install manual said that the ground wire would be black but that's impossible by looking at the cable. If this is a non issue and I'm a dumb, I'll be a happy dumb. Otherwise, wondering if I have my case fans wired wrong.
  13. didn't you just debug ur problem?
  14. sure enough, I plug the case fans into the psu and ...back to where I was at square one. So I must not understand the correct way to wire them up.
  15. Thank you very much for your assistance. I disconnected my fans from the mobo and the system powers up. So I guess I'll just run them at full speed and not worry about integrating them into the mobo for now.
  16. .... and get yourself a better PSU as a high priority. See the PSU guide linked in my sig. Raidmax is the worst company possible to buy a PSU from... well maybe Apevia is the worst..... hmmm I sense a poll in my future.
  17. I'd like to submit Logisys to such a poll. I think I have a winner on my hands :p
  18. chicagojoe16 said:
    ugh haha...that would be a pain. What are the odds that a brand new power supply is broken?

    If its made by Raidmax I'd say pretty good. 80+ certification has no bearing on quality ... all it means is that it is "green" .... and has been designed with a focus on electrical efficiency and guarantees a minimum of 80%. Being "green" while a laudable goal doesn't necessarily mean it delivers stable voltages.

    Do the paperclip test
  19. There are ways to cheat on the 80plus test also. It's done all the time.
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  21. Thank you for your thoughts on the power supply, I am obviously a bit oblivious when it comes to some of the less glamorous components.
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