PC Reboots Randomly Desperate for Help

Hi everyone,

I've recently built a brand new system:

ASUS Crossfire IV Formula
AMD Phenom II x6 1090T 3.2GHz
8Gb G.SKILL Rip Jaw
ASUS ENGTX480 1536Mb
OCZ stealthxstream ultra-silent 750W
Cooler Master HAF932 Full Tower
Seagate 2TB Green 5400RPM (storage)
Western Digital 500Gb Blue 7200RPM (primary)

I've had a lot of issues of getting the RAM sticks to pass memtest86 so I kept exchanging them. Eventually I got two perfect ones (tech guys told me I just got bad luck).

I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise with SP1 and all updates. BIOS is updated to the most recent stable version 1304 I believe. Video and chipset drivers are up to date.

The problem is that when I tried to play Crysis 2 or Mafia 2, PC would simply reboot sometimes. At some point it went away and I was able to even beat Crysis 2. But now the problem came back and PC restarts once it reaches particular point. This only happens in very demanding games, once it warms up. I leave my PC over night doing stuff - no problem.

My temperatures under highest load:

CPU ~44 C
Video ~93 C

Please suggest what should I test as I see no other possibility other than the PSU (I know nothing about OCZ PSU's). Maybe my system is underpowered? Pretty desperate....

Thank you!
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  1. Underpowered? No...You have sufficient Power
    It might be the PSU, is it 80+ certified? If it isn't then it might not be reliable.
  2. Hi r0aringdrag0n,

    They boast to be 80+ certified but I have no idea how reliable that is. The most strange thing is that I've tried running Furmark's burn in test for about 4-10 minutes and nothing happens, other than my video card heating up to 89-93 C but no restart so I'm really confused.
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