Hp pavilion 700 black screen help

my computer turns on but when it gets to the xp start up it just goes black. the screen was also small i fixed that but it still will not load and it then shuts off i think its the power supply because my kid was messing with it but what else could it be if not that?
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  1. will it boot up in safe mode?
  2. it wont give me the option for safe mode , i tried f1, f9 , f10, i have f'd it to death lol. and no it will not come up i get as far as when it starts loading windows xp and then it just stops and goes black.
  3. i have no idea yet what it is, but i guess i will keep looking since i have got no replies or help since my last post.
  4. really.... can i get some help here?
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