Is Athena Power Good?

Is Athena Power a decent company or another bunch of fails like diablotec? just need to run a mobo, and an AMD 100w APU.
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    You mean good in blowing up? Yep! It's right up there with diablotec, bestec, deer etc!

    Grab one fast! Also grab a cO2 extinguisher to put out the fire! You don't want any of those liquid ones cause they conduct electricity and water + computers = bad things!
  2. Is there like a 200 - 300w PSU that isn't a fail?
  3. The cheapest and lowest power supply i have full confidence in and recommend to people in replacing OEM psu's are the Antec EA 380D and Corsair CX 430 V2.
  4. What about Basiq?
  5. I've had 3 of Antec's Basiq line fail.....hopefully they've fixed them so when they fail they don't wipe out motherboards...
  6. I don't even need 300w. I just need like 150w at full load....
  7. A basiq... is well... a basic psu...

    Just get the EA380D or Cx430V2 (whichever is cheaper) and call it a day. There's no quality unit's that's cheaper than these two and have a lower wattage.
  8. In short
    Its just like logisys
  9. Go with Lilotimz. The EA-380D has been my "goto" PSU on basic builds for years. If you want to go even lower, Seasonic has a couple of 300W 80+ bronze units that should be good (Seasonic doesn't know how to make a bad PSU). Those units don't have PCIE power connectors, but you may not care about that.
  10. antec basiq are good if your running a low power pc, which you are.
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