6 core amd not seen by windows

I have the M4A78T-E and i replaced my Quad Core for the Phenom II x6 1090T Black Edition, installed ok but windows management says it does not recognize six items.
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  1. When you say "installed ok" are you talking about the cpu or windows?
    You need to reinstall windows for all 6 to show up.
    How many cores are showing up in windows?
  2. Your board also needs at least bios 3303 to support that cpu.
  3. Yes, it has the latest Virus and I am running win 7 64 Bit Pro, are you saying i need to re-install the OS?
    my BIOS is 3404 version
  4. and no in manage and device manager, it shows 6 unknown devices.
  5. yes, you need to re-install the OS. You have installed the OS with a quad-core, so that's what it sees. Your bios version is fine. The re-install should fix the "recognition" issue.
  6. Can you post a picture of your task manager?
  7. I disagree with re-installing the OS. I moved from a dual to a quad-core Athlon without re-installing anything.

    Download and install CPU-Z, and see what it reports your CPU as.
  8. with phenoms, though, a dual core and a quad core are essentially the same thing, where a 6 core is a different core platform. No? This could be an issue in recognizing the other cores, since dual cores are technically quad cores already. Maybe im wrong, so i wont hang on to the re-install theory anymore until i find something.
  9. Check out this site...might help:

  10. No, you don't need to re-install the OS. I totally disagree.
    All you need to do is start the PC in Safe Mode and remove the AMD drivers inclusive of Overdrive and all other supporting programs that came with the Mobo to OC and Optimize the System.
    Then reboot into safe mode once again and recheck if everything related to AMD is uninstalled. Remember to Check the uninstall and Remove box when you uninstall drivers for the rig.
    Make sure you have set the BIOS to default values.

    Then all you need to do is have your OS disc ready with you and startup the rig in normal mode.
    And see.....
  11. ^ I didn't even need to do that. I swapped out an old Athlon 64-X2 5600+ for an Athlon II 645. Two totally different processor architectures, and Windows picked it up correctly from the word go.

    @OP: One possible explanation I can think of is that you didn't reset your BIOS before installing the new CPU.
  12. Herr_Koos ,Yup, I agree with you, but he needs to uninstall all that AMD stuff 'cos it's already Identified the Processor as an unknown device..... and the moment he says it's AMD it'll go back to the earlier processor and that'll cause a lot of heart burn.

    I have to keep changing processors every now and then and I did make the BIOS mistake the first time, the second time onwards it's never caused any trouble....
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