Medium Gaming Computer from

Things i don't need just the OS

Is this worth it as it bit cheaper I don't have to have them overclocked but should i shouldn't I?

I have a 5770 in my old PC would it be worth it buying another and cross firing?

What i'm thinking of:1080 Gaming is really a must as with 1080 monitors anything look mushy
Mobo-(If I'm getting a single slot card do i get a dual slot as i won't be upgrading soon unless)
Memory-(Is 4->6,8 Gb a worthwhile expendature
GPU-anything ATI that similar to 2500K processor (1080 gaming)
Cooler- Not a clue for OCing CPU
HDD- 1 SSD & System drive 1tb spinpoint
1080 screen as well

Rough estimate don't know around 800???
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  1. that system from scan is a core i3, get an i5 or better if you even considering gaming.

    That just wont cut it.
  2. Man your mouse has a scroll wheel right? use it!

    Some people...
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