How to connect the linksys wireless router to the dsl box

Hello,Ho so both operate at the same time?w do I connect my moden to a rooter or vissor verser
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  2. With ethernet cable,goodbye.
  3. It depends on if your linksys router is a router that can be used with DSL. some routers are only cable specific. What you want to do is check on the box it came in and find out whether or not it supports DSL connections. If not then you need to go out and purchase a new router that supports DSL instead of cable. There are also routers that support both. but i know for a fact that some linksys routers are cable specific and do not support DSL modems. One router off the top of my head that supports both is the Netgear WNDR3300 Rangemax Dual Band Wireless-N Router because this is one i use at home.
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