A few questions regarding power supplys.

Now i have an older Hp computer that has a liteon 300w that bareley (and i really do mean bareley) runs a 5670 with e6550 etc but i am upgrading each part bit by bit on a restricted budget and the first part of the puzzle, the graphics card has been bought.

Now as this is an old hp computer and its actually really a small tower, would there be power supply restrictions ? MicroATX/ATX ? And also could anyone recommend a good power supply ? I dont need it to be hugeley capable as its not going to be an amazing machine, im thinking something like this Corsair Builder Series 430W Power Supply, to run an hd5670, an most likeley a q6600 or something similar.

The base of the pc was originally a hp pavilion a6140uk if this can help figure out compatability or not.

Thanks for any future help :D
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  1. That Corsair looks ok,

    anything between 400-600w would be find for what your doing.

    only thing to consider is the PSU you can remove and use in your next PC build. so going a little more powerfull now may mean you dont have to buy another so soon down the track.

    you will have to stick to the measurements of a standard ATX PSU tho, (sorry no 1200w monster for you)

    Measure your current one to make sure its a standard size. then your good to choose any standard sized ATX PSU

    Dimensions of an ATX power supply are 150 mm width, 86 mm height, and typically 140 mm depth, although the depth can vary from brand to brand.

  2. Taking a look at the part number you gave us it is a standard ATX chassis so i would not worry to much as the recommended power supply should fit, also yes stick to Corsair they are renowned for there power supplies.
  3. i would even recommend this for roughly $39.99 after MIR:


    Plenty of juice to get you around, and even another upgrade or two.
  4. +1^ wow i wont lie but that is a steal if im perfectly honest very good value for money.
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