Please help im frustrated

I have 2 desktop computers..1 using vista and other using xp they both work on the modem but when i hook it up on netgear router only the vista works ive tried almost everything and don't understand why...the xp says limited connection can you give suggestions please ty
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  1. Are you using wireless or wired connection?
  2. It says limited connection because you have either not setup the router to broadcast the DNS to the connected Equipment. or you have not enabled or specified the required DNS entries on the XP rig.
    How to work around this problem.
    1) Either configure the router to be the DHCP server and let it's DNS be used by connected machines.
    2) Specify the DNS entries and IPs on both the XP and the Vista Machine, make sure your DNS entries are Identical and the IP's are in the same range but different.
    Also the Subnet masks and the Gateways will be the same. the gateway being the IP of the Routers WAN connection.
    Make sure this is done on the adapter that you use to connect to the router ( Wireless or LAN ) both will will be configured in the same way, just don't use too many IPs and too many gateways, it confuses the system.

    Another easier way would be connect your Vista rig to the Netgear and copy the Details of the connection on a piece of paper, namely :
    Network And Sharing Center-----View Status ( When you see the connection is on and connected to the internet)
    -----> Details----
    Copy IPv4 Address
    Copy IPv4 Default Gateway
    Copy IPv4 Subnet Mask

    Copy DNS Servers

    Now close all this
    Startup your XP rig, goto Lan Connections or Wireless Adapter setting
    and key this in the TCPIPv4 Tab
    Remember to increase the value of the IP by 1 or reduce it by 1 (if Vista IP is make the XP IP as or

    And you should be connected when it get done with the setting.
  3. Typically, home systems are automatically configured by the software managing the connection. For example, Windows Wireless Zero or the Netgear software. Assuming that the Vista box is connected to the router via Cat5 cable and the XP is setup for wireless, the problem would likely be that the XP box isn't communicating properly due to the encryption settings.

    You didn't specify how old your XP system is, but there is a possibility that the wireless device in the XP doesn't support WPA/WPA2 encryptions, which is what is used in all recent wireless hardware. If your XP only supports WEP encryption, you'll have to change the type of encryption used by the router. This is done through the router's web interface.
  4. Hi, Are you sure you have your cable from the modem to the router in the LAN port ?

    The problem you explains look like the router is in bridge mode: that the problem you get when you plug in all in lan port
  5. If u don't have the cd no more how u check ur router settings cause someone came over to mess with it to try and fix it
  6. To get into the router set up pages open your browser and type in either or and this will take you to the router's web interface. For username, use "admin" and for password, use "password".
  7. i appreciate everyones help let me update yes it was plugged in the lan of the router so i moved it to the internet slot then neither computer works....and when i type in nothing comes up on neither computer it says using wired because computers are by each use to work on my xp and im in the process of divorce so i got it now i cant hook it up over here...i know nothing about computers at all so i called a friend over who did and when he came i had visitation with my kids so i got back here and he was workin on it so i have no idea what he did but according to him they both read the netgear but wasnt sending signal back to xp....but he also had it in the lan port of router so im clueless i even called geek squad and they didnt help....i figure u can see a wireless icon on bottom but dont even see that so i really dont know....i just dont want to buy stuff and guessing its really frustrating...ty again
  8. That's some good info. Let's start from the beginning...

    This assumes that you already have the software installed and already have your network name (SSID) created.

    To properly connect your modem to the internet service provider (ISP), you must plug the AC adapter into the wall, as well as connect the coaxial (the cable that has a hexagonal end that you can twist to tighten) cable to the modem. The modem has to be connected to either a LAN or WAN port on the back of the router, via Cat5 cable.

    To get to the router's web page, where you will be able to see and configure the router's settings, one computer must be connected to the router via a Cat5 (ethernet) wire/cable. For a wired connection to the router, any other slot can be used, regardless of what number. When using a wired connection, the type of encryption is irrelevant.

    Now that the modem is connected to your router, and your router is connected to your computer, you should be able to access the router's web interface.

    As I had mentioned before, there are different levels and styles of encryption. The two styles that you need to focus on for now are:

    1. WEP; and
    2. WPA/WPA2

    If your XP system doesn't support WPA/WPA2 style of encryption, you'll have to change the encryption on your router to WEP. The next step is to find your SSID and the password/passkey/passphrase to the SSID. Note that changing the style of encryption will also change the password/passkey/passphrase. Once you have this information, you're ready to connect any wireless device to your network.

    If need be, I will post more info on setting up a wireless connection, but let's see if you can to this point.
  9. im going to bed...but mine in a netgear i was saying it has a 1-4 port and then a internet port and when i plug in internet port my internet doesnt work....if i plug it in 1 port then the puter in 2,3,or 4 its works but other doesnt but still the router address still wont come up when i type in address....guess ill call the friend and ask how he saw the settings then get back to you thanks
  10. You will be able to connect to the router by typing When the Login window pops up use "admin" without the quotes for name and password or then use "password" without the quotes for password.

    If that URL doesn't work then you can type in in the Browser address and enter the config panel.

    Now depending on the way you connect to the internet (Always on static IP, PPoE, Dynamic IP) you will need to plug the Internet Connection Cable into the Internet LAN Port on the Router(netgear). Your LAN cable from your PC to the Netgear router goes into LAN PORT 1,2,3 or 4.

    The rest of the process can be read here.
  11. What happens if i just reset the router
  12. If by reset, you mean unplug the AC adaptor, and then plug it back in - nothing. Doing this just refreshes the DHCP service on your computer(s). That is, the IPs may change.

    If you use a small pin-like object to press the reset button, then you'll reset the router to its factory-set defaults (the way it was when you bought it from the store). Doing this resets the password, any settings you, your friend, or Geek Squad may have made; including the SSID. Which means that you'll have to re-establish your wireless internet connections by following the guide posted by alyoshka.
  13. What if i don't know the ssid?
  14. The SSID is going to showup if you have a cell phone that's wifi capable or a laptop that is wifi enabled, just scan for networks and you'll see it, it's usually the name of the router manufacturer or the model .
  15. alyoshka and t-t i reseted the router and put in my stuff and they both work now i have no clue what my friend did but oh well i got it thank both of u with ur assistance
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