I need help building my new gaming pc

i am going to build a gaming pc and i need some help

my specs will be :

Amd Phenom ii X6 1055T
Kingston HyperX 2x2gb 1600
Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 Xtreme 1GB DDR5
Gigabyte Am3 880GM-USB3
Hec Gamma 500 Watt PSU
Asus DvdBruner Dvd+r/dvd-r/dvd+rw/dvd-rw
Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green

i want to know if this psu can handle my specs ???????????????????????
i calculated it from all manufactures websites and i think it will be good
Cpu = 125watt
Gpu = 151watt
Mobo = 18 watt
and that's equal 294 you can add like a hundred watts for harddrives , ram , and dvd burner so it's approximately equal 400 watts
so any one who doesn't agree give me a reason
and by the way i am not going to Do Any dual gpu using like crossfirex or sli and i am not going to overclock
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  1. It will but is not on the recommended list! For gaming you are better of with a faster quad like 955/965BE.
  2. CPU - I am with rolli59... 955BE for $115 + $30 CPU cooler + overclock to 3.6+GHz will be better for gaming than the X6 1055t. 955BE + stock CPU cooler and no overclock would still be better for gaming than the 1055t's 2.8GHz clock speed.

    PSU - 500w is enough to power that system, but that PSU is OK at best. Antec, Corsair, XFX or Seasonic would be my choices...

    GPU - Change that to the HD 6870. Newer card at the same performance level that should be about the same cost.

    HD - Scratch the WD Green. The Samsung F3 1TB is a faster and more reliable drive.
  3. 955 is the way to go since its faster in gaming.
    then from that money choose either a 6870 or if you can afford, 6950 would be great imo
    i agree with sadams, samsung f3 would be a better option
  4. If you wait and add some money, you can get the i5 2500k, which is A LOT better than the AMD
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