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Hello, My HP Pavilion finally did what many have had problems with in that the screen went blank in the middle of typing an email, for no apparent reason. I have already tried the "hard reset" by removing the battery, holding the power button for 15 seconds, etc. Has NOT resolved issue. Any advice on next step of DIY fix or should I bit ethe bullet and pay to have this resolved? Thanks everyone.
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  1. Are you using the intergraded graphics?

    Whats the model # of your HP Pavillion?
  2. Anything coming up on the screen at all? BIOS screen?

    Did you check the video cable and monitor on another computer? If the monitor works OK, and you are using on-board video, you can try to find another video card to use to rule out an issue with only the video card. Or you'd have to replace the motherboard. You'd need to fix/replace something here, nothing you can do with no video output except replace the hardware that is not working.
  3. Thanks for the input folks. I think with all my calls and inquiries, I have come to the conclusion that the graphics card is non-functional and since the graphics card is the integrated variety, I will have to put in a new mobo. Have a computer geek friend who is replacing for me at cost of mobo + $50 for his efforts.
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