Gigabyte UEFI vs. Asus and MSI for OCing.

Right, now I know that both MSI and ASUS have automatic overclocking capabilities built into their UEFIs. MSI's is OC Genie and I forget the name of ASUS's, but that's besides the point.

I have a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H (soon to be working) and I want to know if, besides looking the best out of all three UEFIs imo, it has such an auto OC feature?

It's no big deal if not, but it would be handy every now and again, just to compare to my own settings.

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  1. ive heard the ASUS one is "better" but its still better to just do it manually
  2.,3048.html There was an article about it for z68, the newer auto-ocers will be "better" but should still all get to relatively the same speeds as before.

    But since it's so easy to oc manually, and as seen in the article, manual is better; just do it yourself and skip the hassle. If you want to compare settings, compare it to others.
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