Asus p8z77-v pro Should i upgrade bios?

I currently have the 0906 version of bios on my Asus p8z77-v pro system. Should i upgrade to 1015?
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  1. i am also wondering the same thing..i am putting my mb and computer together tomorrow...i heard the update breaks speedstep...dont even know what it is but i really wanna know how to check if its working or not so i can check after the update..
  2. If u have no issues with your PC, there is no need to do it.
  3. Some examples when to flash the BIOS usually are:

    1. New CPU was released
    2. Memory compatibility issues + new RAM models are released
    3. Remember when the new 2+TB HDD have been released? New BIOS was needed.
    4. New hardware support added.
    5. Or if u can benefit from changes in the change log.

    BIOS updates are always risky for various reasons.
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