Need some cooling advice

G'day to all.

I'm looking for a new case to house a mid-spec gaming rig (2500k (maybe OC w/ 212+), 6950) and I have some questions for a case gurus out there.

I really love the Bitfenix Shinobi - 3 inlet fan ports (front, bottom) and 3 rear (rear, top)
But I'm not sure if I could keep the temps under control, as it does not have a fan port on the side.

If I only had two fans (rear and top) and NOT overclock, would this be ample cooling for gaming?

If I had fans installed on all possible mounts, would I be able to keep a cool overclock?

Please share any thoughts/better fan setups.
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    side fans (particularly 120mm and smaller) tend to increase temps since they go against the front to back air flow you try to create. the shinobi has great cooling potential, in fact 2-3 fans will easily cool your set up even with OC your CPU & GPU.
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