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Hey all

I hope I posted this in the right place. Couldn't find a better page.

Anyway I'm trying to locate a mouse prefer a wired but wireless ok too that has the option of turning off the right click either globally or per application. The Logitech G9x will do it but at a premium price. It also isn't very big or wide. I have large hands. Right now I have a Logitech Performance MX it would be almost perfect if it wasn't for the real sensitive buttons and no option to disable right click. Also if not that option maybe a mouse with stiffer buttons (left & right). These on the performance MX is really sensitive I just rest my fingers on it and I trigger a mouse click. I would like to keep it around 60 bucks if possible. I do video editing, some gaming, and the usual internet surfing.


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    I have a Microsoft blue laser wireless Mouse 5000, actually I have 2 LOL, and have confirmed that you can indeed disable the right mouse button. This is not a notebook mouse. My hands aren't large but I am not petite and I dont care for those tiny mice either. If you try one of these , I got my most recent one for $20 at staples (they are 39 regular price there), be sure to disable scroll wheel acceleration. It drives me whacky and I think it would you too.

    edit - ps - my wife is waiting for them to go on sale again too. I also forgot to mention the blue laser will track on just about any surface; the arm of the couch, the deep pile rug on my floor, the dinning room table... Its awesomer (as my kids would say)
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