Sabertooth X58 constant restarts

Hi all,

My PC recently decided to stop working. Here is the issue: the CPU_LED on the mobo lights up, then the computer shuts down and turns on again. Holding down the MemOK! button makes the PC stay on, but I still have the CPU_LED on. I have a i7 960. I am thinking the motherboard or the PSU is the problem. I did manage to get one POST that said I had a hardware component failure. Do you know what could be causing this issue?
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  1. No, but you're on the right track. I would try a different ps first; if you still get the cpu failure led or message, you can send your cpu back to Intel. It took me only six days to get a replacement from Intel. Have you been overclocking? Using the stock Intel heatsink or something else?
  2. take out the extra ram but one stick..swap sticks to see if the issue changes. also unplug any cd-rom and hard drives from the system when you do this. just bare bone the if it acts up shuts down...try pulling the video card...the mb wont get a cmos beep code but if it stays could be the gpu.
  3. Alright is some additional information. I have NOT been overclocking, and I have a DIY water cooling setup. When the computer shuts down, the PSU makes a clicking noise. Can you make any sense out of it?
  4. IF the MOBO + PSU = Good ; bad CPU
    IF the MOBO or PSU = Bad ; try a different PSU. Make certain that the 8-pin is properly seated and connected i.e. unplug and plug-in again. Modular - re-seat BOTH ends.

    IF the PSU + CPU = Good ; bad MOBO

    There's no way other than to "Guess" which is bad without replacing 2 of the 3 components ... PC repair shop or have extra parts that can be used i.e. (2) X58's.

    Typically IF you can post it's the PSU (8/10), one tell tale sign of a bad PSU is to unplug for 10 minutes and IF that results in a longer 'Post Time' then I'd be looking for a new or RMA the PSU. Most PSU's carry a 3-5 year warranty.
  5. Yeah, I think that's it. Like, every morning, it can post no problem. After some attempts it can't. I going to try unplugging it.
  6. Update: I unplugged my PSU for an hour, turned my PC back on, and got a POST. Time to replace my PSU!
  7. InfinityBlaze said:
    Update: I unplugged my PSU for an hour, turned my PC back on, and got a POST. Time to replace my PSU!

    YEP. What you just tested and determined was a bad capacitor in the PSU.
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