Can I replace microAXT PSU with AXT PSU?

I have a microAXT mobo on my HP Media Center desktop PC, with OEM 300W microAXT PSU. Can I replace this small form factor PSU with a higher capacity (600W for example) full size AXT (larger form factor)? It will fit but just barely in the PSU bay.
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    MicroATX PSUs are for slimline cases, which are a lot thinner than most computer towers. An ATX power supply will not fit into any slimline case. Your options are either to get a new case, and move all your components to the new case to use a larger power supply. You will want to check to make sure your motherboard can be moved to a new case without modding the new case, OEMs sometimes use all sorts of proprietary solutions to prevent people from modifying their computers too much. The other option is you get the ATX power supply, but don't put it in your slimline case. You would have to run the system with an open case, or look at drilling holes into the side panel to get the wires in.
  2. Thanks for the info. As I found out upon further research, it turns out my particular HP PC has a microAXT motherboard in a full-size case, so a standard AXT PSU will fit inside. I got lucky this time. I'll be better educated when time comes to buy my next PC.
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