AMD Phenom II X4 945 temp reaches 70C

I never had an eye on the temperature on my CPU but recently i found out that my AMD Phenom II X4 945's temperature at 3% CPU usage was 67-68 degree C and crosses 70 degree C while under load. Is this normal? I have been using the stock heatsink and a an inexpensive fan since i bought this CPU almost a year back.
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  1. You clearly have a problem with cooling.

    The stock heatsink should be adequate at stock CPU freqs. Even then, besides keeping the CPU cool, the case needs to move air through it, not just circulate the air inside. What kind of case?
  2. Its a very cheap case. Even the PSU is a cheap one.
  3. OMG! What should i do then? And i have also noticed the system fan rpm shows 0 in my BIOS. I have a Gigabyte 785GMT-USB3 mobo.
  4. Drop your VCore; Giga-Byte motherboards tend to over-volt on *Auto*

    higher volts = higher temps
  5. The stock phenom coolers are horrible. I had to replace my wife's cooler for that same reason. I would recommend this cooler:

    Especially since its $18 after rebate.
  6. Apparently it was the gel under the processor that had dried up completely. Replacing that has brought the temp back to 42 degree C. :)
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