I really need help with this!!!!!!!!!!please

I want to know what motherboard is compatible with this memory ram
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More about this please
  1. There are probably dozens if not more. Its DDR2 so you would be limited to older boards like intels socket 775, or amd AM2 boards
  2. Every motherboard that accepts DDR2-667. You can find this information in the specs of any motherboard.
  3. Hi,

    This will work in any motherboard that accepts ECC registered FBDIMMs. This is almost exclusively limited to server and workstation boards and will most likely not work in any consumer boards. Please keep in mind that there are a number of DDR2 memory standards including ECC RDIMMs (which are registered by nature) and FBDIMMs (which are also registered by nature but may or may not have ECC).

    Despite being similar in name, DDR2 FBDIMMs will not work in systems designed for DDR2 DIMMs/RDIMMs, nor will DDR2 DIMMs/RDIMMs work in a system designed for DDR2 FBDIMMs
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