Random quick "hiccups" and buzzing from speakers

I've recently built a new rig and everything has been running fine for near 2 weeks now, but a problem has come up and I don't really know what the problem is.

I haven't overlocked my system and everything is still stocked and was running smooth. Since yesterday, whenever I watch videos or listen to music, randomly the system would lag constantly for 10-20 secs and audio would buzz through the speakers almost like the system is about to BSOD. I've monitored my systems temperatures since I've built the computer, CPU temps are normal along with many other components in the rig. I thought maybe it was malware eatting up my cpu processes but I've scanned and scanned and have not fixed the problem. So I am starting to think it is a hardware problem, and not software.

I am thinking maybe it is a motherboard problem but I not sure how to pinpoint it.

MSI P67A-G45
i5 2500k - Stock Speeds
Corsair H60 Water Cooler
Caviar Black WD HD
EVGA GTX465 - Stock Speeds
520W Antec High Current Gamer Series
8GB Gskill Sniper Series Low Voltage 1.25V
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  1. its ur psu, u need something stronger. you can confirm this by lowering voltage on ur gpu and seeing if the problem presists
  2. also make sure everything is tightly plugged in inside
  3. Thank you for the reply

    So which PSU do you recommend as a good amount for this setup?
  4. did u confirm that it was ur psu?
  5. i plugged in a older gt 7600 video card i had and so far its stable. But i guess i should keep testing it for a few hours before I can confirm.
  6. no i think that confirms it, the thing about old cpus is that they are generally designed to give some amperage to some specific graphics, since graphics are more powerful nowadays they usually mean more amperage is needed, even though they are within a satisfactory wattage. if you are gonna buy a new one you might aswell buy one that suits ur needs for the future, say if u are going to upgrade later or whatnot. any newer psu at roughly 600w will do aslong as its gold certified. here is a suggestion:
  7. Thanks I'll give it a try. I guess the Newegg wattage calculator doesn't specify amps but the wattage was sufficient.
  8. you cant know the amperage because it depends on how many rails the psu has and it gets complicated to calculate. your one is here for example
    as it turns out its a pretty good gfx, im guessing it has maybe been used a lot and its outputting a lower wattage
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