2nd hand pricing for these components help !!

hi guys im building a new i5 2500k system but need to work out how much i will get for my 2nd hand system broken down or sold as a unit ( e bay prices £ ).

the specs for my current system is

CASE - no make
PSU - EZcool 500W
CPU - Q6600 GO stepping
CPU COOLER - Arctic cooling freezer pro 7
RAM - 4gb Team Elite DDR2
GPU - GTS 450 Zotac Amp
HDD - 500gb Hitatchi 7200 rpm

also a 54mbs wireless pci card and a couple of usb ports

I bought the system off a mate and ive added the gts 450 and cpu cooler.

would i be better off selling the gpu to make way for a better card in the new year maybe a 560 ti and put the extra cash toward cpu/board. The board im looking at is the asus p8z68 v the reason for z68 is im planning on using the smart response tech with a small ssd in the system for music production ive got a new 1tb caviar green sata 6 ready and some other parts already bought just need mobo,cpu and ram

any help would be appreciated, below is my proposed specs some of which already got in bold.

CASE - fractal design core 3000
MOBO - Asus p8z68 v
PSU - corsair tx650 v2
CPU - i5 2500 k
CPU COOLER - hyper 212 +
RAM - 4gb ddr3 corsair 1600
GPU - GTS 450 Zotac Amp
HDD - 1tb caviar green sata 6gb/s

thanks - jb
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  1. Pricing used components is pretty difficult. However remember "everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it." Name a price - if it sells, great. If not, lower the price :) I'd start at 400 for the entire system and hope someone buys it :lol:
  2. Hi there. I'd sell the parts sepratley, but obviously you'll have to pay Ebay 10 percent of the sale price for each item. I recently sold my Q6600 G0 stepping for £65. I also sold my OCZ 4Gb DDR2 8500 (1066Mhz) dual kit for £37. As for the Mobo probably about £40. As for the other items, you'll only make a few £. Check the Advanced search for completed items on Ebay. This will give you a good idea of what people are willing to pay for the items you want to sell.
  3. Have you considered going down the AMD route instead? The i5 2500 is expensive, you could get a AMD Phenom II x4 955 for £85, and a good AM3+ mobo for £90. Just a thought.
  4. thanks for the info people i think i will probably will sell the parts seperately and as for the AMD route ive been aiming for an i5 system but also watching out for upcoming news on bulldozer but they seem to be taking longer than expected so thats why ive left mobo and cpu till last so i can change my mind at the last minute .A shot in the dark but does anyone know which would be better for music production out of the upcoming bulldozer cpu's and the current i5 2500k !! - cheers
  5. the q6600 are selling nice anywheres from $130 - 210 US dollars on the few I watched. (crazy imo)

    I'd guess the motherboard is worth 50-75.
    $10-15 for the freezer
    35 for ram
    20 for the hdd.
    75 for the gts 450

    my best guesses in US dollars
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