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updated my router firmware then couldn't get online. Rourter was set up again and still no go. Resorted to hooking up via USB and got online. The only thing I noticed different when I restart my computer is at the end of the startup run there is a line that wasn't there before. The line reads:
c:\>rem-By Windows 98 Network-c:\Windows\net start
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  1. What router, firmware version, modem, service, etc do you have?

    If your modem is indeed usb that line is probably what initilizes it.

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  2. Dlink, v1.40, Ambit, RoadRunner. I did get it working though, forgot one little thing in router setup.
    RoadRunner recalled a certain version of new Ambit modems but mine wasn't one of them, though it is a new Ambit modem. My local cable store has, as of yesterday, 30 cases of new Ambit modems to be returned to Ambit.
    I was going to get a Toshiba PCX2500 or PCX2600 from them but they were out of all modems because of the recall.
    Do you know anything about Ambit or Toshiba modems?
    I think the Toshiba's are probably better but don't know. Was also thing of getting a Dlink DCM202 modem. The Dlink has some settings plus TurboDox software that Dlink says boost download up to 20%?
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