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i have Time Warner cable at my house and over the last few weeks i have had a very hard time with it. after having the modem changed 4 times i am wondering if the problem is not my router a linksys wrt400n. windows 7 is telling me "DNS server is not responding" when i am plugged into the router. however when i plug directly into the modem i get internet. is my router dead? or maybe needing a software fix? i appreciate the help as i really know nothing about networking.
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  1. This may not solve it, but it only takes moments.

    Check TCP/IP Properties.

    Start, Connect To, Connection, Properties, Scroll Down TCP/IP and highlight, click Properties and check that Obtain DNS and IP address automatically are enabled.
  2. If you are working fine with the modem but not the router, blame the router.

    Have you reset it or done any firmaware updates? Be a good idea to try that.
  3. So why not call Time Warner cable service directly?
  4. Unless you or someone else has changed some DNS settings around, it very well could be a bad router and they are a pain to troubleshoot. I recommend contacting linksys customer support. Before I knew what I was doing, I would call them for help and they always pulled through.

    Linksys Support: http://homesupport.cisco.com/en-us/home?referrer=www.linksysbycisco.com
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