Will this pc be ok for gaming?


I have recently got some parts and was wondering if this setup will be good for gaming :)


Intel core Xeon X3350 @ 3.67 Ghz (QUAD)
8GB Corsair Dominator ram
ASUS DIRECT CUII GTX 580 1.5GB Graphics card.
CPU Wattercooled
Windows 7
Asus Formula ROG Rampage Mobo

Any opinions appreciated

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  1. Xeon, arn't they for servers? You'll be better off with a i7 2600k
  2. While you could game on that system and the processor is old (think of it as an old Intel® Core™ 2 Quad, same technology behind it) maybe a slow point for this processor. You can see the stats on this processor at http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=33932.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. When I say title of thread I knew it would be one of two types

    1. Someone trying to put a rig together on a tight budget and listing marginal spec items... In which I would help as best I could.

    2. Some troll tart would trot out a list of high spec components and fish for compliments...

    Guess which one I got??? :fou:
  4. well they are just parts my friends gave me im just wondering how good they will be.....
  5. We need more information. Is the motherboard one of these:

    We need to know the socket in order to help.
    Also the Xeon is a 775 socket and wont work with any of the above mentioned motherboards

    Where did you get all of your components from?
  6. kmanderson62 said:
    well they are just parts my friends gave me im just wondering how good they will be.....

    Just exactly how stupid do you think we are? Your friends just "give" you a £400/$550 graphics card.... neither they nor you appreciate it or its capabilities.... you frequent Toms Hardware... you bandy around terms like "Mobo" and make sure to tell us that its a "CPU Wattercooled" (Sic) system.... yet you have to ask??

    Jezz.. :sarcastic:
  7. Troll Troll and More Troll... =/
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