Cpu fan not working, please help

not sure if this is the right place to post, went on the basis of hardware and tweaking

Hi all, i will post my system up first

mobo: asus crosshair v formula 990fx
cpu: bulldozer 8150 fx (stock cpu, will water cool next payday)
ram: 16gb vengance Ram 1866mhz
PSU: 650 (850 arriving today to see if this changes anything)
gpu: amd 6870
ssd: ocz 240gb

right, built this system last night, spent 7 hours building it making sure i wasnt going to damage/snap/static charge any of the components. applied a small layer of arctic silver thermal paste to the cpu.

screwed in the mobo, connected all the power leads.. booted the mobo and

"CPU FAN ERROR PRESS F1"... looked into my case and the cpu fan isnt working

shut down the pc, and pluged the cpu fan into an optional fan slot and it works... tried it in the OPT cpu fan slot, nothing. tried it in the cpu fan slot again... nothing. the fan only works in the optional fan slots.

i have tried using the 4pin, 8pin, 4 and 8pin, with the cpu fan in the CPU fan slot, and then the CPU opt fan slot, nothing

not hearing any bleeps... but i do see a red LED. cant read the writing next to it though.

as the fan was working in a optional fan slot, i turned off the warnings, installed windows, and then i flashed the mobo, installed all drivers and then looked for as many updates as possible. but i dont know where to go from here.

I will be water cooling soon, but in the mean time i want to find out

a) why the cpu fan isnt working in the CPU slot/optional cpu slot
b) the red led (which i think is to do with voltage) is on, not sure about voltage but i want to work out what is causing it, and how can i fix it

looked through the internet at forum posts but I thought id post here to see if anyone has a fix for this

kind regards
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  1. You can check for smartfan settings in the bios and calibrate your fan on one of the fan ports; but if the fan still won't turn, you may have to send in the motherboard to asus for a replacement, which takes 2-3 weeks. With your apparant lack of experience, don't fool with watercooling. You've got enough issues already.
  2. if i was to water cool it, i would only use the simple amd cpu kit (water block with built in pump and rad) but yes i agree, i would like to solve this problem first before i create a new one

    It seems like there is no power, or there is a power problem in which the mobo is stopping the cpu fan from working.

    had a look to see if any pins are bent but everything "seems" alright.

    will check the bios, Thanks for the response
  3. if you have another case fan or someone with an old cpu cooler..does not need to be amd just a working fan. it help you see if you have a bad fan or a bad motherboard. at this time dont plug the fan into any more ports if it dead shorted you dont want it burning out the mb. also dont want to ram back a good new board..most rma board are not factory new. you could get a repaired board back that has more issue then the one you rma in. I would contact amd today and have them send you a replacement fan first. the only thing i add is check the fan wiring to see if it wired right.

    the fan should spin on any port as long as there power there. most mb when they have an issues is not powering the fan by the sense signal line fails. (fan spin at max rpm and wont slow down).
  4. i will test another cpu fan when i get home, it just seems there is no power coming from any of the cpu fan sockets on the mobo.

  5. to give you some idea on the mobo
  6. solved, RMA
  7. rma is the right choice you deserve a fully functional board.
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