New HAF X front 230mm intake fan fried!! Wiring issue the cause?

So I have had my new HAF X case for about a week. Last night as I was shutting the computer down to go to bed, smoke starting coming out from the top of the case. I opened both sides of the case up and to my surprise the wiring from the botton 230mm intake fan was fried and withered. It fried both the 4-pin molex wire coming from the fan along with the wire that connects the fan to the front panel LED on/off switch at the top of the case. I'm not a wiring expert so I have no idea what happened or how to avoid it happening again. 1 thing of note is that the 4-pin molex connector wiring coming from the fan was still bunched tightly together with a twisty tie as it was originally packaged being that I didn't bother to untie it. Could that have been my problem? Also, I'm powering my 4 case fans(2x200mm top fans, 140mm back fan, and the 230mm front intake fan) off 1 cord from my PSU(MK Silencer II 750w) that has 4 4-pin molex connectors on it with each fan using 1 of the connectors. I notice my fan power connectors have both female and male connectors, should I have strung my fans together instead of giving them each there own connection to the PSU?

To sum it up my questions are:

-What happened? Freak occurrence or wiring problem on my part?

-Also where is the best place to get a replacement 230mm fan as it appears newegg doesn't have any. Or will any other size fan work/fit where the 230mm goes? 200mm?

Thanks in advance for any help!!

HAF X w/ MK Silencer II 750w
i7-950 w/ CM V8 cooler
Gigabyte UD3R
Corsair XMS3 6gb 1600 ddr3
XFX HD6950 2gb
Agility 2 60gb boot
F3 Spinpoint 500gb
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  1. From searching more about this online it appears it might be faulty I/O wiring on the case. I suppose I will have to attempt to get CoolerMaster to send me a new I/O and fan.
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    hotlanta22 said:
    From searching more about this online it appears it might be faulty I/O wiring on the case. I suppose I will have to attempt to get CoolerMaster to send me a new I/O and fan.

    PC Power & Cooling is a great PSU as well, but i would suggest t install CPUID HW monitor and track your voltages for any irregular output
  3. One of my HAF 932 fans came with a broken blade, and while I waited for my replacement from CM I went to local computer store and saw the same thing... no 230mm fans...

    So I grabbed a 200mm fan and found that they were the exact same size!

    I know the fan I got was a 200mm x 30mm fan, so I am only assuming CM adds the 2 dimensions together to get 230mm. Because the fan I was replacing is advertised as a 230mm.
  4. i recently had to contact coolermaster from the uk--and was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply to my email in under 2 hours and the replacement part arrived from holland within a few days so would have to say from my experience their support was fantastic--typical dutch politeness and efficiency--dont know about their usa or other support countries

    and all i had to supply was the serial number they didnt even ask for proof of purchase or query the replacement by saying maybe you broke it or send the whole case till we look at it etc

    so give them an email and see how you get on
  5. There is supposed to be a two prong plug for the LED on that lower front fan and a seperate plug to feed the fan. Any suitable motherboard pin should have been able to do it.

    Now if you froze and burned out the fan, Coolermaster should replace it for you. Otherwise it is a simple newegg shipment of another one. Just a moderately PIA installation for you.
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