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What would be a suitable upgrade frome a XFX HD4770?

I am running a MSI-MS7309 motherboard with a AMD Phenom X3 8400 (2.1ghz) processor in it and 4GB's of Coarsair DDR2
800 mhz RAM (2x2gb each), a 500 watt power supply, and an XFX HD4770 video card. What would be a suitable upgrade from this card staying with all of the components listed? Same power supply, RAM, mobo and processor. I thank you for all responses.
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  1. whats your budget? I wouldnt really recommend upgrading the gfx card without upgrading your CPU first. upgrade to a phenom x4 or something. Otherwise if you upgrade to anything like even a midrange 6850 you will be bottlenecked by the cpu.
  2. I'd say a 6850, but you wouldn't notice much of a difference because your CPU is generally more of a limiting factor than your GPU right now. Sadly the old phenom isn't much of an overclock either -_-.
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    If you really want to upgrade your GPU then at least get a decent aftermarket cooler to overclock your CPU. It will make a significant difference if you can even reach 2.7Ghz.
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