Please help - Cannot connect wirelessly to network from PC desktop

To the combined intelligence of this forum,


I've searched all over the vast expanses of the internet, including this website, called tech support, asked friends, tried everything I could think of, and I'm at my wit's end here. I apologize if there is an existing thread regarding this particular issue, but I have not been able to locate it and I don't know what else to do.

Firstly, I'm running Windows 7 64x, recently updated.

A week ago, I was running fine with a Linksys G Router and a Belkin N 150 USB Wireless Adaptor. I am about 23 feet from an access point and there is a wall directly between my computer and the actual router. No problems with connectivity whatsoever.

Out of the blue, my Belkin bit the dust. The device simply ceased to function. The next day I went to Radio Shack (I'm up in the mountains and they had a limited selection) and bought a new no-name N 300mbps adapter. The device wouldn't install, though it claimed Win 7 compatibility. Exchanged for a Gigabit G 150, which installed, but would not detect any networks. Exchanged again for a Netgear G 150, with the same issue; now I am on an Airlink101 N 300, still stuck.

On every device I have tried the following:

- Installing the drivers directly from included discs
- Following the setup instructions ("Plug in your device now!")
- When this fails, downloading up to date drivers( for Win 7 64) from manufacturer websites and re-installing
- Enabling, Disabling, Re-enabling the adapters in Device Manager
- Running network diagnostics (which always results in "Network adapter is experiencing problems" or "There may be a problem with your network adapter drivers")
- Calling tech support for the Airlink adapter and re-trying all of the above, as he advised me to. His final decision was that the router channel was not correct for the device and it was Linksys' problem.
- Resetting the router several times.
- Installing a new router, a Linksys N RangePlus, successfully.
- Every other computer in the house has had no problem connecting whatsoever, including with the new N network.
- Re-trying everything after installing the new router.

I'm simply baffled. The only thing I haven't done is change the router channel because I haven't figured out how.

The recurring problem is that no networks are detected. The network I can reach on my laptop, in the same location, is Linksys2, IPv4 connectivity at 72 Mbps. The Airlink adapter on my desktop lists no IPv4 or IPv6 connectivity. The device is lit up and the USB port it's plugged into works with other devices.

One other odd thing specifically about this Airlink adapter - when I open the 'wireless monitor' it came with, it lists simply 'About' and two check-box options, Show Tray Icon and Disable Adapter. The Disable Adapter box, when I un-check it, automatically re-checks itself after about 20 seconds.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated, thank you!


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  1. Presumably you can connect to your router or AP with a cable ?

    Can you detect the router/AP signal using another computer with wireless ?
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