Asrockz68 z3 gen3 won't seem to fit into haf 912 case

Hello, I have the motherboard in the title. Which is an ATX Mobo and a the haf 912 case which claims to fit that Mobo... the problem is it seems to only fit half the standoffs for ATX and half from Micro ATX... I am a noob builder and don't wanna shortcircuit anything. Is this normal?
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  1. Sorry should be "Extreme 3 Gen 3" not "z3"
  2. You have to move around the stand-off's to suit the holes in your motherboard until they (the stand-off's) all (count them) show through the holes in your motherboard.
    Most ATX MoBo's have 9 holes, so you may need to add more stand-off's from the packet supplied with the case.
    If you have problems, you could make a paper template...
  3. Also, be sure you don't leave any unused standoffs behind the board that could ground out the traces. Only use standoffs where the motherboard has mounting holes. Btw, the mounting holes are the ones with the semi-circled ground traces around them. Other holes are not for mounting.
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